A Promising Future for Grocery-Anchored Shopping Centers

Why am I so sure that grocery-anchored shopping centers will remain durable? I recently had the opportunity to explain in NAIOP’s Development Magazine the fundamentals of our investment strategy in these property types. In short: these local neighborhood hubs’ appeal is enduring and remain important to the everyday needs of the community. As I discuss in my byline, these properties are quick to adapt to the evolving preferences of its consumers, most importantly through adopting an omnichannel approach. With the recent surge in e-commerce and shoppers who prefer to go both online and in-store, the ability of grocery-anchored shopping centers to adjust has been critical to their success.

To learn more about what makes grocery-anchored shopping centers such strong investments, take a look at the full article here and scroll down to my piece, “A Promising Future for Grocery-Anchored Shopping Centers”.